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Ready Stock

If you need your wedding dress or accessories urgently, you can browse our KL office ready stock lists. Normally we can ship same day if order place before 11am.  Please aware the dress may only available in certain size and color only.

Wedding Gown and Dresses

[MM0051] Color : White | Size 2XL | RM469

[CS0015] Size S | RM319

[ALS0132] Size L | RM289

[AL0045] Size L, Champagne – design A, Floor Length (about 145cm)
| RM169

[AL0086] Size M | RM389

[BM0051] Champagne, Size M | RM169

[BMS0118] Size 3XL, Light Blue, Design B| RM129

[AL0068] Size XS, Pink | RM129
[AL0068] Size L, Lavendar | RM129
[AL0068] Size 3XL, Green| RM129
[AL0068] Size S, Watermelon Red| RM129

[AL0037] Size M Watermelon Red | RM139
[AL0037] Size L Watermelon Red | RM139
[AL0037] Size XL
Watermelon Red | RM139
!! Clearance !!

[BM0049] Plus Size, Design D, Champagne Color | RM79

[AL0096] Size 2XL, Champagne, design C | RM129

[AL0085] Free Size, Design A, Champagne Color | RM99

[BMS0136] L, Design A, Champagne Color | RM159

[BM0044] Free Size, Design C, Pink| RM79
[BM0044] Free Size, Design B Pink| RM79
[BM0044] Free Size, Design E, Pink | RM79

[AL0050] S, Green Color | RM339

[BM0048] Gray, S | RM169
[BM0048] Gray, M | RM169
[BM0048] Champagne, M | RM169

[AL0098] Purple Pink, XL | RM169
[AL0098] Gray, M | RM169

[BM0041] White, 2XL, Tie Back | RM85
[BM0041] Magenta, S, Zip Back | RM85
[BM0041] Sky Blue, XL, Tie Back | RM85

[AL0071] Watermelon Red, M | RM139

[ALS0154] Red, M | RM249

[BMS0105] Ice Blue, L| RM159

[BMS0131] Champagne, S | RM189

[BMS0145] Design E, Champagne, M| RM139

[MBS0104] Purple, XL| RM139

Groom Wear

[GM0013] size 46Y | RM140

[GM003] Two – button Peak lapel, Blazer Size 54, Pants Size 38
| RM429

[GM004] black trim blazer, Black, Size 2XL
| RM149

[GM01021] Black 2 Button, 2XL, Pant 3XL | RM299

[GM01020] Sapphire Blue, XL | RM299

[GM041] Gray, M | RM89
[GM041] Gray, L | RM89
[GM041] Gray, XL | RM89
[GM041] Gray, 3XL | RM89

Petticoat / Cancan

[PT001] RM30

[PT005] RM80

[PT004] RM60

[PT003] RM60

[PT0010] RM60

[PT007] RM60

[PT008] RM60

[PT009] RM60

Wedding Glove

[GL001] RM25

[GL002] RM25

[GL003] RM25

[GL004] RM39

[GL006] White , Red RM30

[GL009] RM38

[GL0011] White , Red RM30


[VL001] RM45

[VL002] RM39

[VL004] RM69

[VL006] RM55

[VL008] Snow White , Milk White – RM45

[VL009] RM29

[VL0010] RM35

[VL0013] RM25

[VL0022] Red , White – RM20

Wedding Accessories

[OSG11] RM39

[OSG12] Design A – RM25

[OSG12] Design B – RM25

[WT0022] Pink, Guest Book Only – RM45

[WT0010] RM40

Due to coming Chinese New Year, our china warehouse will be on holidays.
All orders place after 7th Feb 2018 will be delay and estimated to reach our customer around 9th March.
For urgent order, please refer to which items can reach you in 2 - 3 working days.
Kindly place order ASAP to avoid any delay in delivery. TQVM