How To Measure/Custom Size

Measurement guide for Men : Measurement guide for Ladies : How TO Custom Size : For selected gown and dress, we do custom size for it which means we will made the dress base on customer measurement of bust, waist, hips, armhole, shoulder width, sleeve, height with heels. Delviery time about 3 weeks. Charges is

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Custom Size Information

Custom Made Form Custom size normally need extra one week processing time and additional Rm50 charge. If the dress need more time and higher charge we will email to notify before the payment. Custom made size is strictly  no returnable or exchangable due to the size is special tailor. SKU Code example : LS0010 Date Needed :

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2014 wedding Dress – Mariposa Bridal Collection

The “Mariposa” bridal collection by Antonio Gual for Tulle New York is a beautiful mix of charm and modernity, perfect for brides looking for something feminine with a light, contemporary ease. For his Fall 2014  collection, the Melissa Sweet veteran created fresh and chic designs which feature on-trend detailing such as plunging backs, illusion necklines, body-contouring seaming and

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~ 结婚 – Top 10 ~

1. 设定结婚預算 在正式籌備婚禮之前, 新人們應該先算算你們結婚的預算和花費, 然後才決定該怎麼策劃這婚禮和該買些什麼婚禮用品. 新人應該和雙反家長一起討論, 看下那些事項對長輩而言是比較注重的, 然後盡量滿足他們. 新人兩也要好好溝通, 看下對方在意的是什麼, 然後再將總預算計算出來. 你或許會說, 預算這東西很麻煩, 可是這是整場婚禮的關鍵所在. 如果沒預算好, 那麼在辦起婚禮的時候, 你就會多付了一些不必要的費用. 你也不希望辦完婚禮後就變得負債累累吧. 婚後生活的開銷才是龐大的數目啊. 所以還是先預算一下,才進行下一步吧. 2. 賓客名單 這一環牽涉的人比較多, 因為要請雙方的家長, 列出希望邀請的親朋戚友, 同事同學,還有生意夥伴等等. 這份賓客名單能替你決定你的婚宴場地的規模, 酒席的訂位, 還有喜帖大概要印製多少, 這也能讓你安排賓客的座位. 事先安排好座位, 到時後賓客來了,就領他們到座位上. 因為婚宴通常都會請人幫忙領位, 所以如果事先安排好了, 那麼兄弟姐妹團才不會手忙腳亂,也不怕賓客被怠慢. 3. 婚宴 對來賓而言,宴客菜色或許是他們最在乎的地方,因為說真的,大家包紅包去喝喜酒,或多或少都希望能吃到好吃的菜餚. 如果菜色不好吃就算是五星級的酒樓,大家都只會說, “這價錢不值得啊, 在XX酒樓這樣的價錢,可以大吃好的一頓了.唯一可取的地方,就只是環境比較優美而其….” 如果婚期訂在結婚旺季, 那麼當決定了婚期後,就去下訂宴客場地,以免理想的場所被預約走了. 至於要選怎麼樣的菜色就看個人的預算來決定, 選擇一些自己負擔的起的地方和菜色, 只要大家吃的心滿意足, 那這婚宴就算是成功了^^ 還有要注意一點的就是現在越來越多素食者了, 或許也要體諒一下那些素食者的親朋好友.如果素食者不多,可以吩咐酒家準備一兩圍的素食給他們, 這樣一來,大家就可以一起吃地開開心心了. 4. 喜餅 喜餅又叫做嫁女餅,所以通常收到的,都是女方的親朋戚友, 那這些親朋戚友對於喜餅的要求又是什麼呢? 通常收到喜餅的人都是長輩居多,

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Your Perfect Mermaid Dress

Mermaid dress is a long gown that fits snug to the body until the bottom of the legs, where it flares out like a fish tail. For this reason, a mermaid gown is also called a fishtail dress. Since mermaid dresses are always long, they tend to be made in styles suitable for proms, weddings,

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